Four Things To Look Forward To In February And March

It’s time to start thawing out from the deep freeze and going out among the living again. Bourbon events are in full swing year round, but the festivals really start revving up as the temperatures climb. Starting in February there are a few extra exciting events you won’t want to miss.

  1. The Bourbon Salon at Oxmoor Is Back! Michael Veach started the Filson Bourbon Salon years ago to give bourbon lovers a place to discuss the resurgence of Kentucky’s native spirit in a classic salon format. There are already six Bourbon Salons at Oxmoor Farm scheduled for 2018, and the first is on February 7. The topic will be Old Bottles and Collecting and guests will include Bill Thomas and Jared Hyman of Washington D.C.’S Jack Rose Dining Saloon and Jason Brauner from Louisville’s Bourbons Bistro.
  2. Fred Minnick’s Legends Series kicks off once again at The Kentucky Derby Museum. Starting on February 16th, there will be three events thru the end of March. They are:
    • February 16th – Angel’s Envy – Guests Wes, Kyle, and Andrew Henderson
    • March 15th – Jim Beam – Guests Fred and Freddie Noe
    • March 29th – Willett Distillery – Guest Even Kulsveen
  3. The Bourbon Classic is back! February 28 thru March 3, the sixth annual Bourbon Classic will be back with events old and new. Top Shelf and Savor are the kickoff events, and the culmination will be the cocktail and small plates competition on Friday night followed by the Masters Panel and grand tasting on Saturday. Bourbon lovers should not miss this event!
  4. The New Orleans Bourbon Festival will kick off its second year in The Big Easy. This year there will be a Bourbon and Burlesque show sponsored by Jim Beam, Wild Turkey Generations with Eddie and Bruce Russell, Bourbon Pompeii with Nicolas Laracuente, and more. And I will be back teaching my signature Bourbon and Cigar pairing study seminar!

Bonus: If you can’t make it to Kentucky you will have your first two chances to check out Whisky Live USA this year – February 28 in New York and March 2 in Washington, D.C.

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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