Bourbon Education

There are a lot of opportunities for bourbon education in Louisville.  It happens in bars and in classrooms, and it is an ongoing process.  These are some of the major education events I’ve attended.

Resurgence of Bourbon – Four Roses Straight Up

Bourbon: Kentucky’s Gift To The World

Al Young: Keeper of Four Roses’ History

The Bourbon Archaeologist

Louisville’s Brown-Forman Cooperage 70 Years Later

A Beginner’s Guide To Bourbon

Bourbon Archaeology: Digging Up Distilleries Of The Past

Beginner’s Guide to Bourbon

Vendome Makes The Copper Pot Stills That Make Your Bourbon

Freddie Johnson: 3rd Generation Buffalo Trace Man

About That Bourbon Shortage You’ve Been Hearing About

The Woodford Reserve Flavor Wheel: Your Palate’s Best Friend

Is It Still Bourbon If It’s Not Made In Kentucky?

The Non-GMO Corn Movement In Kentucky Bourbon

Who Was Pappy Van Winkle?

Who Was William LaRue Weller?


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