Sometimes you want to dress your bourbon up a little.  Or maybe you have friends who don’t like to drink it straight.  No matter the reason, I’m going to be collecting cocktail recipes for you.  Some will be simple and some will be complicated, but they will all be worth the effort.  Cheers!

I have been working since early 2017 on a Manhattan study with Rosemary Miller. We are breaking down our favorite cocktail, the Manhattan, into parts and examining how they work together and which ingredients comprise our favorite version. Here are the parts we have published on

Part 1: Barefoot Manhattans: Bourbon or Rye?

Part 2: Barefoot Manhattans: The Right Rye

Part 3: Barefoot Manhattans: French Versus Italian Vermouth

Part 4: Barefoot Manhattans: French Vermouth

Part 5: Barefoot Manhattans: Vermouth Battle Royale

Part 6: Barefoot Manhattans: Shaken or Stirred

Part 7: Barefoot Manhattans: The Bitter Truth

Additional Cocktail Coverage:

Cocktail Book Review: The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails

Destination Whiskey: The Ultimate US Cocktail Bar Crawl

Doing It Right: Kosher Cocktails

Interview: Matt Levy from New York’s Covert Cocktail Club

Behind the Stick: Interview with Louisville Bartender Eron Plevan

Fall Old Fashioneds

Whiskey Punch Recipes

Match Cigar Bar’s Perfect Manhattan

Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse Asks: What’s Your Jam?

Perspective: Judging The Rose Julep Competition

The Old Fashioned: Louisville’s Official Cocktail

Proper Mint Julep 020 small

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