A Word On Westport Whiskey And Wine

The appeal of shopping at a small locally-owned liquor store is service. You know the folks there and they know you. You can always count on them to make a great recommendation when you literally just can’t brain today. Westport Whiskey and Wine takes it a step further- they have a long lineup of consumer education classes every single month. Not just a wine tasting here or there, but a nonstop parade of industry experts ready and willing to answer all your questions.

I’ve personally been to several classes at Westport Whiskey and Wine, and they are always packed full. In addition to programs like The Whisky Chicks‘ Scotch Tastings and an entire series on bourbon, there have been numerous events with distillery owners and Master Distillers. I been there when folks were raising money to support victims of a distillery accident, too. Whatever customers want, there is a program to support it at Westport Whiskey and Wine.

In February alone there will be at least 6 whiskey events that I know of. If you haven’t had a chance to attend a class at Westport Whiskey and Wine yet, I strongly urge you to do so. Here’s a list of upcoming events:

8 February 6:30 PM. Whisky Chicks American Craft Distilling Tasting Series, part 1 of 2. Tickets $35.

9 February 7 PM. Pam Heilmann, Master Distiller, Michter’s.  Last October, Pam Heilmann was named Master Distiller at Michters.  Having run Booker Noe Distillery, at that time the world’s largest bourbon distillery, before joining Michter’s, Pam has distilled some of America’s highest end bourbons and ryes.  Come and taste some world class whiskey and her Pam not only tell her story, but that of Michter’s too.  Reservations please.  $15 per person.

15 February 7 PMJeptha Creed Distillery Tasting.  Jeptha Creed is crafting the next generation of high-end heritage distilled spirits and foods. At Jeptha Creed, they use old fashioned methods to meet today’s demanding modern tastes. It means they believe in using only the finest ingredients, organically grown and locally sourced (when possible) to ensure their products meet the customer’s highest expectations for quality and flavor. This will be an opportunity to not only taste their portfolio but to meet the Nethery family, founders of Jeptha Creed.  Reservations please.  $15 per person.

CHANGED TO MARCH 22 – 16 February, 7 PMBallotin Whiskey Cocktail Class with Paul Tuell.  Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey represents a contemporary, premium choice – at home or on the town. Enjoy Ballotin anytime and anywhere you might choose a bourbon cocktail. Great straight, on the rocks, or mixable in classic cocktails – Ballotin tastes like a “bourbon expression” of your favorite chocolate indulgences.  Reservations, please, $15 per person.

21 February, 7 PMRabbit Hole Distillery Tasting & Cocktail Class.  Join our friends from Louisville’s newest distillery, Rabbit Hole, for a tasting of their shines, bourbon & rye, along with some cocktails that complement their products.  This will be a fun evening full of great tastes.  Reservations, please.  $15 per person.

23 February, 7 PM.  Woodford Reserve Bourbon Manhattan Experience.  Join Cat Platz, Woodford ambassador, as she shows you how to craft some variations on the cocktail classic, The Manhattan.  Participants will learn how to make their own Manhattans.  Reservations, please. $15 per person.

There are, of course, several other classes having to do with other spirits, wine, and beer. In other words, there’s something for everyone at Westport Whiskey and Wine!

Whisky Chicks Scotch Tasting Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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