How To Cut A Cigar Properly


You wouldn’t think that’s a provocative title, but people have some very strong and widely varying opinions about this topic. If you have a method you like, don’t read any further- this post is not for you. If you are interested in learning more about cigar cutters and how to cut a cigar, read on.

There are a lot of different sizes and shapes of cigars out there but they fall into two main categories- parejo and figurado. Most cigars you will find will be parejo– that’s the typical shape that is straight on the sides and rounded at the top. Figurados are everything else, from torpedoes to braids to eggs. But since you are most likely going to be smoking a parejo, there’s one easy trick to cutting them that is darn near foolproof- lay your cutter on the table, insert the cigar’s head into the…

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