2016 Best Of LouGirl502

I can’t believe 2016 is already over. I’ve done some of my best work yet this year, so narrowing it down to only ten of my favorite articles from all over is going to be tough. But here we go:

  1. Hand Rolled In Nicaragua – This was my debut piece for Whisky Magazine. I traveled to Nicaragua and learned all about the Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars made a La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate. You’ll just have to buy a copy of the magazine to read this one!
  2. A Day In The 2016 Kentucky Bourbon Affair – I went skeet shooting with Jimmy and Eddie Russell and it was just as awesome as it sounds!
  3. Bourbon Archaeology: Digging Up Distilleries Of The Past – Nicolas Laracuente is the only dedicated bourbon archaeologist in the world, and since this article came out he has made national news for his work at Buffalo Trace working on what is being called the Pompeii of Bourbon.Nick Laracuente Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl
  4. Smoking In The Barn With Drew Estate – This was my debut piece for Cigar Aficionado and I really enjoyed learning more about Kentucky’s tobacco heritage at the Barn Smoker.
  5. Bourbon: Kentucky’s Gift To The World – Colonel E.H. Taylor was a pioneer not only in the modernization of distilleries, but also the idea of bourbon tourism. Now the folks at Castle & Key are honoring his legacy by bringing back his masterpiece.
  6. Single Barrel Bourbons: A Brand’s True DNA – I was invited to do a barrel pick with Whisky Magazine and national retailers at Woodford Reserve to celebrate their World Whiskies Award for 2016. Choosing a single barrel is an opportunity to highlight your favorite characteristics of a given brand.Woodford Reserve Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl
  7. Family Getaway To Dollywood – My current obsession with Dolly Parton started here after, on a whim, I decided we needed to spend the last weekend of summer in Pigeon Forge. I realized then what a selfless act of love Dolly Parton had committed by investing so much into an economically distressed area of the country, and that belief was reinforced when she started the My People Fund after the devastating wildfires last month. Dolly Parton FTW.
  8. Lighting a Cigar: Tips and Tricks – I’ve been working with Michael Veach studying cigar and bourbon pairings, and recently he started allowing me to write blog posts about cigar basics. I don’t know why, but I think this article is my best one yet.
  9. Willett Distillery: Cathedral Of Whiskey Geekdom – There’s just something about Willett. Once you go, you get it.Willett Distillery Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl
  10. What Do You Mean You Only Celebrate Bourbon Heritage In September? – It’s high time we all realize that bourbon builds Kentucky’s roads and schools.

You can find some of my most recent work here:

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