Welcome To The Bourbon Neighborhood, Jeptha Creed!

On the drive down I-64 toward Frankfort and Versailles you might have noticed a new distillery being built in Shelbyville within full view of the highway. The high windows in the front show off the beautiful Vendome Copper stills- there’s a column still, a pot still, and a vodka still. The building is painted red and sort of looks like a fancy barn. What sets this distillery apart from others is the fact they are growing most of their own corn, and whatever they aren’t growing is coming from the surrounding county.

Jeptha Creed is the only distillery using red corn in its bourbon- an heirloom variety called bloody butcher. Between Jeptha Creed’s red corn, Bluegrass Distillers‘ blue corn, and Castle & Key‘s white corn, soon you will be able to collect Kentucky’s entire patriotic bourbon lineup.

Tours began on Friday afternoon at the brand-new Shelbyville distillery, and already the event space has been booked for private events. There is a clubhouse, commercial catering kitchen, and massive patio complete with natural gas heaters which looks out on the rolling fields of the surrounding farm. Inside the gift shop is a beautiful bar where guests can enjoy cocktails thanks to the new by-the-drink law recently passed in Kentucky.

Jeptha Creed will have its first bourbon bottled in December. There will be an extremely limited number of bottles and it will only be sold at the distillery. This is a trial run the owners did a few years ago at another distillery outside of Kentucky when they were trying to determine what mash bill to use. There are already three vodkas and three moonshines bottled for sale at the distillery.

Spring will bring the addition of farm tours. Patrons will have the opportunity to see the corn fields and orchards in addition to the distillery, a unique feature to bourbon country.

Distillery hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tours are $10 per person. Google hasn’t quite caught up, so be prepared to call for directions (502) 487-5007. The distillery is located at 500 Gordon Lane in Shelbyville.

Welcome to the bourbon neighborhood, Jeptha Creed!


Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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