Fine Dining For Brunch At Butchertown Grocery

I finally made it to Butchertown Grocery, you guys.  I say “finally” because they opened like a month ago and that’s forever in the Louisville restaurant scene.  Still, I’m glad I made it before the menu changed and right after the paint dried.

We went for Sunday brunch, kids in tow, to celebrate a family birthday.  Everything about Butchertown Grocery is charming, from the exposed brick to the metal-cage pendant lights.  The food is a perfect example of highbrow Southern food that Louisville has become known for in the last couple of decades without being like anything else in town.  In addition to being an excellent brunch spot, Butchertown Grocery would be a great place for dinner on a special occasion.

Everyone at the table ordered something different, and it was all so good we ended up eating off each other’s plates.  I got their spin on Eggs Benedict and it was unlike anything I’d ever had before.  There was pork belly and kale and it all just worked together perfectly.  Even the cheese grits were out of this world.  And the mimosas were made with fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Every detail was painstakingly thought out.

The coffee was excellent, made all the more enjoyable by the presentation on a butcher block.  The biscuits in the chicken biscuit were made from scratch.  Even the burger was no ordinary burger.  Do you ever go to a restaurant and just fall in love at first sight?  Maybe it was the mimosas.

If you have kids who like to order off the kids’ menu, get a babysitter and save this place for date night.  There are no crayons or coloring pages here.  And if the extensive handcrafted cocktail menu is any indication, I wouldn’t recommend taking kids for dinner at all.

I’m looking forward to returning soon to check out the dinner menu and enjoy a bourbon cocktail.

btown Collage

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl


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