Happy Birthday To The Whisky Chicks

The Whisky Chicks came roaring onto the bourbon scene two years ago.  Since that time they have raised nearly $40,000 for charity and brought together women from all walks of life to bond over their shared love of whisky.  I’ve personally attended nearly every event since the 3rd one and I’ve made some wonderful friends I otherwise never would have known.

The events keep getting bigger and better for The Whisky Chicks.  Their 2nd anniversary celebration will be held at the brand new Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse.  Later this month they will go Behind the Scenes of Maker’s Mark with Mint Julep Tours.  And that’s just what’s in store for January!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out The Whisky Chicks, now is the time.  Sign up for email alerts so you can be the first to know of upcoming whisky tastings at Westport Whiskey and Wine and other fun events.  Too often I hear that women don’t like whiskey or that women don’t like the word whiskey or some other nonsense.  This group is all about making sure the women who show up to their events leave a little more comfortable with their whiskey knowledge than they were when they arrived.  The Whisky Chicks are the real deal.

Happy birthday to The Whisky Chicks and many happy returns!

whisky chicks collage

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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