Lot Lantern + Balcones

A current release of Balcones Bourbon released by Lost Lantern

Lost Lantern has a summer collection coming out very soon, and to mark the occasion they have been having a series of virtual meetings with journalists and the distillers producing the products they are bottling for this release. Last week I learned about their Frey Ranch release. This week I am learning about their Balcones release.

The summer release will include seven casks and will be available nationwide in early June.

According to Balcones Master Distiller Jared Himstedt, he likes participating in independent bottling because it offers an opportunity to showcase distillers and experimentation and it can be fun when independently bottled whiskeys garner recognition that differs from the producers.

Balcones started in 2008 with a goal to make American Single Malt Whiskey at a time when Texas had virtually no distilling history, at least when it comes to American whiskey. Today they make a full spread of spirits and innovate with different barrel finishes.

Balcones mostly uses 59-gallon barrels but can experience extreme angel’s share, so they are experimenting with different cask sizes, including 100+ gallon barrels and different barrel entry proofs to offset the hot and humid climate in Texas.

“I’m not interested in maturing it as if we are somewhere else,” says Himstedt.

Nora Ganley Roper and Adam Polonski have partnered with Balcones before and their independent releases have been incredibly popular.

The Lost Lantern Balcones summer collection bottle will be an American Single Malt whiskey. It is 5 years old, 129 proof, and was matured in a tequila barrel that previously was used to mature Balcones’ Rumble. There are only 126 bottles available.

Buy Balcones from partners like Drizly, Caskers, Reserve Bar, and more. Buy Lost Lantern Spirits here – available in all 50 states and Canada. Lost Lantern can also be found on Seelbachs.

Photos Courtesy of Lost Lantern

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