Lost Lantern + Frey Ranch

Lost Lantern is preparing to release a summer series of whiskeys in early June.

Lost Lantern’s first release came out in 2020 and they are independent bottlers of whiskey from across the country. They release both single casks as well as blends with a stated goal to show the full breadth of American Whiskey.

Lost Lantern is releasing a Frey Ranch whiskey in this collection, the second release from the Fallon, Nevada distillery.

Photos Courtesy of Frey Ranch and Lost Lantern

Frey Ranch is a family farm that has been in the Frey family since 1854. The 170+ years of farming knowledge only recently evolved into a distillery to showcase the family’s crops, says co-Founder and Whiskey Farmer Colby Frey. They started distilling in 2006 under a Federal experimental license but the state of Nevada didn’t allow for a DSP until 2013. They utilize both column and pot stills from Vendome.

Co-Founder Ashley Frey says all of the grain used in the whiskeys they produce is grown on the farm, showcasing the terroir of their Northern Nevada distillery.

The climate in Northern Nevada is dry but there is plenty of water from the mountains to grow crops, the Freys report. They use 53-gallon barrels with a char 4 on the staves and a char 3 on the heads and their warehouse is a combination of ricking and palletizing. They malt their own barley in a malting drum on top of growing their own unique varietals of grains.

Buy Frey Ranch whiskeys here – only available in 38 states for shipping and only available in Nevada and California on shelves. Buy Lost Lantern Spirits here – available in all 50 states and Canada.

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