Virtual Event: Fred Minnick’s Repeal Day Expo

One of the bright sides of the pandemic has been the proliferation of virtual events. I’ve participated in some really creative events over the past few months, from virtual cocktail classes with crafts to interactive discussions and tastings. Now Fred Minnick is taking all of these ideas and applying them to a new-ish virtual conference technology called Degy World.

Degy World is a virtual world where everyone has an avatar and can walk around the virtual conference space, go to different classes, and watch live or pre-recorded videos during the sessions they choose.

Now the technology is being applied to whiskey festivals with Fred Minnick’s Repeal Day Expo. There will be presenters and booths and I’ll be learning next week all about how that works.

The Repeal Day Expo will feature whiskey personalities from across the world talking about topics ranging from sports and bourbon to trends in American whiskey to pairing bourbon and cookies.

There will also be musical guests if you’d rather go to the virtual music festival route – or do both! Musical guests include Tyler Boone, Moon Tooth, Magnolia Bayou, and many more.

Whiskey guests include Black Bourbon Society Founder Samara Davis, Bourbon Women Founder Peggy Noe Stevens, Bourbon Pursuit Co-Founder Kenny Coleman, Founder Blake Riber, and many more.

Recording my bourbon and cigar pairing seminar earlier this week

I’m also going to be doing my bourbon and cigar pairing seminar, which is always a hit. I’m particularly interested to see how it works with an interactive audience. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in my virtual room and answering any questions that participants have during the pre-recorded segment.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a whiskey festival from the safety and comfort of your own home, and there’s no need to get a taxi home afterward!

Tickets start at just $20 and can be purchased at

You can also order spirits to be shipped to your home (where available from CraftShack’s Repeal Day Expo shop.

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