Cocktails And Cookies With Cooper’s Craft

Cooper’s Craft is one of Brown-Forman’s newer bourbon brands, but they put a lot of their innovation into the brand. The name pays homage to the folks who raise the barrels in which the bourbon is aged, but they also do some different things to the barrel. Cooper’s Craft barrels are chiseled after being charred and the sawdust is left in the barrel. This leads to some interesting notes that make for a great cocktail bourbon at 100 proof.

I was invited to enjoy a Zoom call with the Cooper’s Craft team and the Whipped Bake Shop in which we made a Boulevardier cocktail and painted cookies. Why would I NOT want to do that?

We started with a cocktail demonstration with a bit of history of the cocktail by Fitz Bailey.

The Cooper’s Craft Boulevardier recipe:

1.5 oz. Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve Bourbon

1oz. Campari

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Orange Peel

Combine in cocktail glass with ice and stir. Strain into coupe glass. Garnish with orange peel.

As we sipped our cocktails we learned how to decorate sugar cookies by painting them with an icing palette. The Whipped Bake Shop will be selling cookie painting kits starting December 1, 2020 on Etsy with batches being released at 9am and 7pm. There will be both Hannukah and Christmas sets in both drops and they will retail for between $30-35 and will include 6 cookies to paint and one palette cookie. Some are baked with a hole so they can be hung on the tree, which makes for a great family activity as we all shelter at home from the pandemic. They will be available here: Whipped Bake Shop on Etsy.

According to Whipped Bake Shop Founder Zoë Lukas, many of her customers are ordering multiple cookie kits and having Zoom cookie painting parties with their friends, which sounds like a fantastic idea for a year when we can’t gather together for traditional cookie parties.

I’m enjoying all the creative ways that brands are making Zoom calls fun while we can’t visit them in person, and cookie painting was certainly a festive touch. Happy holidays y’all!

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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