Kentuckiest Holiday Gift Guide

Kentucky is full of hardworking and creative people as well as the heritage of those who came before us. There are so many gifts you can give that embody the spirit of the Commonwealth – and many that are even made right here by Kentucky hands. This is by no means a comprehensive list of gift ideas or stores, but if you know something I missed be sure to leave a comment. Happy holidays! Oh, and maybe consider subscribing to American Whiskey Magazine? Most of us writers are here in Kentucky and the magazine is printed here, too!

Kentuckiest Holiday Gifts

Kentuckiest Stores

  • Kentucky for Kentucky is more than just an online shop – there are also two physical stores in Lexington where you can purchase things like Y’all dog t-shirts, fried chicken-scented candles, Colonel Sanders earrings, horses humping socks, and just about any quirky Kentucky-themed thing you can think of.
  • A Taste of Kentucky has three Louisville locations selling all kinds of Kentucky-made and Kentucky inspired wares. There’s a book section, foodstuffs, ornaments, and more.
  • The Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea has handmade Kentucky wares from all across the Commonwealth – everything from food items from Weisenberger Mills to textile art to visual art to books to pottery and more, all made by Kentucky artisans.
  • Justins’ House of Bourbon now has locations in both Louisville and Lexington where patrons can try dusty bottles and even buy from the extensive library of rare and vintage spirits.
  • The Mercantile in Bardstown, KY sells furniture and art made of reclaimed bourbon barrels among other things.
  • 5-0-Lou is a great spot on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville to pick up all kinds of art, crafts, and other treats from local artists. There’s also a screenprinting shop so they make many of the t-shirts sold in the store, as well.
  • Kentucky Knows is a great little coffee shop in Frankfort, KY where you can buy bourbon barrel-aged coffee as well as furniture and crafts made from reclaimed bourbon barrels.
  • Art Eatables – Kentucky hand-crafted bourbon chocolate truffles. Need I say more?
  • Heine Brothers Coffee – I give Heine Brothers gift cards to teachers because they need to be caffeinated to deal with all our kids.

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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