Justins’ House Of Bourbon Open In Lexington

There’s a new kid on the block in Lexington and this one means business. Justins’ House of Bourbon opened to the public on Saturday, and for over an hour there was a line to the door of folks purchasing private selection bourbons from this newest specialty liquor store. What makes this store different from any you have seen in Kentucky before is the emphasis on vintage spirits – there are over 600 in stock.

Kentucky changed its liquor laws to allow for the sale of vintage spirits, effective January 1. This store is taking full advantage of the new law by creating a part-museum part-antiques store with a specialty liquor store focusing on bourbon.

There’s also a sitting area up front with a display wall full of old distillery art and advertisements, and soon there will be a tasting room in the back.

This shop is going to be a destination for Lexington’s growing bourbon scene. Are there other places in Lexington I need to check out? I’m going to be working on a story about the bourbon scene in Lexington, so leave me a comment below to tell me where I need to stop!

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl


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