Favorite Stories Of 2017

OK, I know I’m late to the game here. 2017 was a completely crazy year for me and I barely made it to the finish line on time. It was filled with fabulous adventures like my first trip to New Orleans as well as my first trip to Washington, D.C. But it was also filled with tough times. I could not have gotten through the latter without all the awesome things I did throughout the year. So here are some of my favorite stories of 2017:

Nicolas Laracuente at Bourbon Pompeii by Maggie Kimberl
  1. Bourbon Pompeii (Whisky Magazine) – Any time I get to chat with Nicolas Laracuente is fabulous. We all know those people who are just so passionate about what they are doing that it rubs off on you a little – Nick is one of those people. And he led the excavation that saved and preserved in place Colonel E. H. Taylor’s pre-1900 distillery, which was state of the art at the time.
  2. Ghosts And Spirits Of Bourbon Distilleries (Flaviar) – I didn’t know when I started that I would learn so much about the hauntings of distilleries and related businesses, but I’m certainly going to think twice about being alone at night in the basement of the Troll Pub or Doc Crow’s.
  3. Barefoot Manhattans (BourbonVeach.com) – Rosemary Miller and I have spent months dissecting our favorite cocktail, The Manhattan, in order to come up with the perfect version for us. It has been an eye opening experience!
  4. 5 Reasons For American Whiskey Lovers To Visit New Orleans (Alcohol Professor) – I went to New Orleans for the first time to teach bourbon and cigar pairing seminars at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival and while I was there I went to as many bourbon spots as I could, including the fabulous Museum of the American Cocktail. I can’t wait to go back!
  5. Washington D.C. Cigar Scene (BourbonVeach.com) – It was my first time traveling to the nation’s capital and I happened to visit the best bourbon and cigar spots on my first try. I was there to judge the World Whiskies Awards and I also made a trip out to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery. More to come on that.

    George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery by Maggie Kimberl
  6. Match Cigar Bar’s Perfect Manhattan (The Bourbon Review) – I love Manhattans if that wasn’t clear yet, but I don’t often venture too far beyond the standard recipe. I’m glad Jinx schooled me on this classic variation!
  7. Lasting Marks of Prohibition in Louisville (Alcohol Professor) – We’ve all heard about the tunnels under the Seelbach hotel where the likes of George Remus would make a run for it during Prohibition. Many of the tunnels are still there, although they are now closed off.
  8. Why Do We Smoke Cigars At The Kentucky Derby? (BourbonVeach.com) – It’s always fun to dig deeper into a tradition that everyone observes and nobody knows why!
  9. Bourbon Marshmallows? Yes Please! (Alcohol Professor) – You know those people who are so passionate about what they do that it rubs off on you? Viviana Ferreira, maker of Revolution Confections Bourbon Marshmallows, is one of those people.
  10. Why Are There Cats At Distilleries? (LouGirl502.com/WFPL) – Sometimes I am called upon to talk about things like cats at distilleries and honestly there is nothing better in the world.

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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