Bourbon Pedicures At The Galt House

The nature of my life demands that oftentimes I am scrambling to get things squeezed in under the wire at the last minute, and Holiday shopping is no different. My sister came into town from California for Christmas and I wanted to treat her to a pedicure at a nice spa, but when I started calling around they were already booked. I panicked and almost abandoned my awesome idea for a sister outing. Then I remembered there was a spa and salon called Xhale at The Galt House downtown and that it would be an extra special treat to have a downtown spa day.

As I looked over the menu of services something caught my eye – bourbon pedicures. Obviously I had to do it.

The vast majority of a bourbon pedicure is just like a regular pedicure. The thing that makes it a bourbon pedicure is that they add in a little bourbon to the scrub – Maker’s Mark, I asked.

There are other services on the menu that include bourbon at Xhale – a bourbon foot scrub and a bourbon bubbler body scrub.

I’ve heard of people putting bourbon into the rotation for facials, but I don’t often see this on the menu at spas. I want to hear more about this bourbon beauty phenomenon. Leave me a comment if you know of other bourbon beauty treatments – I want to try them all!


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