A Burning Issue


Burning problems in cigars can be a major bummer. They can be separated into several different categories – construction problems, blend problems, lighting problems, smoking problems, and weather problems. Rosemary and I have been noticing our cigars being affected by weather lately, so we agreed this would make a great topic of exploration to write about.

Construction and Blend Problems

Canoeing and tunneling may sounds like fun springtime activities, but in this context aren’t good things- these are oftentimes indicative of serious construction problems with your cigar. Poor construction can cause fast burns, slow burns, uneven burns, and even can cause your cigar to go out completely. I recently spoke with Alec Bradley Sales and Marketing Director Jonathan Lipson about another article, and I took the opportunity to get his thoughts on burning issues.

Canoeing, says Jonathan Lipson, is “where the wrapper, binder, and filler haven’t been put correctly…

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