SoCal Cigar Scene


On a recent trip to Southern California I decided to check out some of the cigar shops and lounges.  There’s really only one lounge in my area that I go to frequently, so I like to get a feel for some of the regional differences in cigar culture. My working hypothesis after this trip is that cigar culture shares a lot of similarities no matter where you go. I’m looking forward to continuing to research this hypothesis. Here are some notes on the places I visited in Beverly Hills and Orange County, California.

Buena Vista Cigar Lounge – Beverly Hills, CA

9715 Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 273-8100

This was my initial target for my visit, but incorrect hours listed on Google landed me there two hours before they were set to open up for the evening. Fortunately the owner, Rigo Hernandez, was there and he allowed…

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