Brunch At Le Moo

I’m always the last person in Louisville to make it to a new restaurant.  It seems like the soft openings always happen when there’s a parent-teacher conference or a whiskey event across town.  Not that I’m whining about that- the wealth of fabulous restaurants popping up all over town is one of the reasons Louisville is so great.  We’ve got bourbon, food, and horses- what else could you possibly want?

My family recently checked out Le Moo’s new brunch menu.  It was the second day of brunch, so we had the opportunity to try a brand new menu not many people had been able to yet.  The menu includes $1 Mimosas, steak and mushroom omelets, a “Jethro-sized” bowl of cereal and milk, pan fried peanut butter and jelly, and plenty of other unique menu items you can’t get anywhere else.

My oldest son got a bacon cheeseburger with an egg on it, or as he put it, “the ultimate breakfast sandwich!”  It was almost as big as his head and he nearly ate the whole thing.  My youngest got biscuits and gravy, which he enjoyed very much.  I had some sort of fancy Mimosa, which was absolutely divine.

For a steakhouse brunch menu, there were a lot of options.  Many of the menu options had funny names, which made my kids chuckle.  There were even vegan options for my sister-in-law, making Le Moo one of the best places to take a crowd.  How many steak houses have vegan options?

After our meal, which was fabulous, the bartender came over and did a magic trick for the kids.  My nephew was totally amazed.  Though my kids tried to play it cool, they were also quite impressed.

The service was top notch and the food was great.  I highly recommend checking out Le Moo for brunch.  We can’t wait to return to check out the dinner menu.

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