Russian Warship Go F*ck Yourself Vodka

Maybe this is a good vodka?

Shockingly it has only been about six months since Russia invaded Ukraine. In what feels already like years, Ukrainians have fought to defend their homeland through whatever means they had at their disposal, including Molotov Cocktails.

Pravda Brewery in Lviv has posted its journey on Instagram after stopping beer production to focus on making Molotov Cocktails for the war effort. Meanwhile, in the United States, many companies and organizations have worked to raise money for World Central Kitchen and other relief organizations.

Among American beverage companies that have raised money for Ukrainian relief efforts are Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery in New York, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Distribution, Russian River Brewing in Sonoma, Buffalo Trace, Stoll & Wolfe, and numerous bars and restaurants.

Now Bernstein & Co, Mammoth Distilling, Lehrman Beverage Co, Brick Packaging, Kolossos Printing, Mash Networks, and Colin Goddard are banding together to release Russian Warship Go F*ck Yourself Vodka.

“We wanted to do something useful, but we didn’t know what, because all we know is how to make spirits,” said Alter Kocher, Spokesman at Bernstein & Co. “When we saw the brewery in Ukraine making Molotov cocktails in green bottles – with such a label – we knew we found a design that people would value because of its authenticity and defiance.”

The idea solidified after a longshot message sent to Pravda Brewery asking for permission to use the art from their own Molotov Cocktails to raise money for World Central Kitchen and Red Cross Ukraine. Soon Pravda shared the file with the label’s artwork and the team got to work.

100% of the proceeds will benefit Ukrainian refugees through World Central Kitchen and the Ukrainian Red Cross. Bottles retail for $50 and can be purchased online only.
Only 1000 bottles will be available for the initial run, but more could come if the response warrants. Visit for more details and to order a bottle.

Cover image: Screen Grab from Pravda Brewery’s Instagram, RWGFY Vodka Photo Courtesy of Mammoth Distilling

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