Woodford Reserve Unveils 2021 $1000 Mint Julep

The track is back, says Mike Anderson, President of Operations at Churchill Downs.

The Kentucky Derby will go on on its usual first Saturday in May, complete with a limited number of spectators.

Each year, Woodford Reserve sponsors a $1000 Mint Julep, which is sold at Churchill Downs during on Derby Day. It raises money for different charities, including many that support jockeys, retired race horses, and more.

PPAATH is the Project to Protect African-American Turf History, and proceeds for the 2021 $1000 Mint Julep will go toward this cause.

A silk wrapping the cup was designed by Gwendolyn Kelly, and it comes in a hand-stitched purse, similar to what race winnings used to be given in.

2021 $1000 Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Recipe

Add to mint julep cup: powdered sugar, 0.5 oz. cherry juice, vanilla bean pods, crushed ice, a silver sipping straw. Then garnish with a vanilla bean pod and mint. Fill with Woodford Reserve Bourbon and top off with more ice.

This cocktail was modeled after a traditional cherries and cream dessert that would have been popular around the time of the first Kentucky Derby.

The silver $1000 Mint Julep cup is available for sale online now at https://www.woodfordreservemintjulep.com/ and there is also a gold one available for $2500.

Cover image courtesy of Brown-Forman


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