Gift Guide: Scratch-Off USA Whiskey Distillery Map

I get pitched a lot of weird stuff, but when I received a message about a scratch-off USA whiskey distillery map I actually got excited about it. In the age of GPS and instant access to information, I actually still use maps. A lot. So I finally got my hands on a copy of the Scratch-Off USA Whiskey Distillery Map and I think I’m a fan.

I have a Kentucky Bourbon Trail map that is probably super outdated that I keep by my desk as well as a zoomed-in map of Bardstown, KY. I find them really useful when I am writing or recommending travel arrangements to folks because I can’t always remember which stops are between which if you are going from a different direction than I am used to.

This Maps International map is not all-inclusive, and I would love to see the criteria they used for distilleries as there are probably over a thousand in the USA these days. The scratch-off feature is good for trying the whiskeys, as it has color-coded markings for different styles. It’s really a map to show how many styles of whiskey you have tried from across the USA out of a total of 200.

But as someone who has traveled to dozens of the distilleries listed on this map, I like that I can easily look at an area where I’ve been and see where else I need to go in that area. I have been planning for quite some time to map my whiskey travels with a traditional map with pins in it, but for now this is a great desk-side reference piece.

On the wall next to my desk for easy reference!

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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