In Praise Of The Mighty Glencairn

I love the Glencairn glass. There are lots of other whiskey glasses out there, but the Glencairn is undeniably the gold standard. Whenever I try a new whiskey glass I feel like I am cheating on the Glencairn. Other glasses work just fine, but the Glencairn just feels exactly right. There’s even a new bourbon-specific glass that a bunch of Master Distillers came up with through extensive research and design, and while I have yet to try it I will likely always go back to the Glencairn.

When I go to a whiskey bar I always ask whether they have a Glencairn to put my whiskey in. If they don’t I can skate by with a white wine glass. But I always appreciate the folks who go to the extra trouble of stocking Glencairn glasses. And when you find a place that serves your whiskey to you in a Glencairn glass, please help them out by not stealing them, please.

According to the Glencairn website, “The perfect glass for whisky was created and left to mature for some twenty years at the bottom of a filing cabinet. After adequate maturation, his sons Paul and Scott decided to take his design to the people who know best… the master blenders! With their help and support they were able to take the glass around the world and promote it as the Glass for whisky, developed by the whisky industry for the whisky industry. It’s roots lie in the traditional nosing glasses used by blenders around the world. The unique and stylish shape has been crafted with eminent care, to enhance the enjoyment of whisky. The tapering mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses whilst capturing the aromas on the nose. The wide bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.”

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass is a great glass with an awesome history. As the old saying goes, often imitated, never duplicated.

Just take a look at this sexy beast

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl


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