The Evan Williams Murder Experience

The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is the perfect place for events.  I’ve been there several times for charity events, their twitter handle launch party, and educational events.  Last night I checked a completely new event off my bucket list- a Murder Mystery Dinner!

The Speakeasy is the perfect place for a Murder Mystery Dinner with a Prohibition-Era theme.  Many guests, myself included, arrived in Prohibition Era attire.  The evening began with a cocktail and bourbon tasting hour, during which the characters circulated through the 3rd floor events space and set the mood for the evening.

Murder Mystery Collage

Then the party moved to the Speakeasy.  Guests entered through the vault door where salads were waiting.  After the salad course the first act began.  One guest from each table was assigned a role in the play, and they each played their respective parts with gusto.  There were 3 acts in all, and guests were engaged and laughing throughout the 2 hour dinner and show.  The actors really knew how to engage the audience and had a clear gift for improvisation.

Near the end guests were asked to choose “whodunit” and the correct answers were entered into a drawing to win a bottle of bourbon.  Though I didn’t choose the correct suspect, I had a side-splitting good time and I’m looking forward to dragging my friends along to the next one!  Stay tuned to The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience’s twitter for details on upcoming shows.

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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