Got Trunk Bourbon?

The very first time I had bourbon I actually enjoyed, it was a 375 of Eagle Rare out of someone’s trunk in the parking lot of our friend’s wedding.  Like many Kentuckians I had been exposed to bourbon all my life and it usually wasn’t the good stuff.  It took some convincing from my friend to give it a try, but once I did I discovered something about myself I never knew before: I actually really like bourbon!

These days no matter where I go, someone around me is likely to have trunk bourbon.  One friend in particular carries no fewer than 6 different bottles at a time in his trunk, so wherever I go I can count on him to pull out a bottle to pass around.  As it turns out, Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond tastes great warm.  Who knew?

The phenomenon of trunk bourbon is so common in bourbon country I’ve come to expect it.  I was recently interviewing a regional sales manager for one of my favorite bourbon brands.  We met at a coffee shop because it was a little too early for a bar.  When the interview was over I needed to take a picture of him for the article, and I wanted him to at least be holding one bottle.  As we headed outside I asked, “Do you have any trunk bourbon?”  He returned with 4 bottles of different offerings from his distillery.

It’s worth noting here I’m not talking about open containers in the passenger compartment or anything else illegal.  But as a card-carrying Kentuckian, you’re obligated to have bourbon on or about your person at all times.

trunk bourbon header

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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