Why Kentucky should support defining Tennessee Whiskey- I’m talking to you, KDA


If you’ve ever met a Kentuckian, you’ve probably heard their favorite statistic more than once, that 95% of the world’s bouhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/2c/0a/4c/2c0a4c9b8908f01f7e6b42483f1366f4.jpgrbon is made in Kentucky.  They’ll usually go on to add that they don’t know who makes the rest of it, but that they don’t drink it.  This tidbit coupled with a mention of Kentucky basketball, bluegrass or horse racing tends to come out in the first two minutes of meeting a member of the Commonwealth; they’re like vegans… or CrossFitters.

I’ve heard many a Kentuckian chuckle over the great Tennessee Whiskey debate.  They find it amusing parlor conversation.  Comments range from earnest interest to mocking disbelief.  The common thread is that no one understands why Tennessee wouldn’t hold on to this designation with all its might as has Bourbon, Scotch, Champagne, Cognac and countless wine appellations.  I have the same question.  I am a proud Tennessean and…

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    • Oh heavens no! While I certainly don’t agree that bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey are the same thing, you make a valid point. Tennessee whiskey SHOULD have a different definition. If they’re not careful they’re going to mess it up for everyone!

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